2 Top YouTube Accent Reduction Sites

Here are 2 top YouTube sites for accent reduction. The following provides you with YouTube links to sites and a sample video from each site. Feel free to browse these sites to see if there is anything useful for you.




#1.  Rachel’s English!

This site, created August 2008, has over 400 videos on various accent reduction topics. Based out of New York, she has over 400,000 subscribers with 28 million views. Click here for a recent video on “How to  Interview for a Job in American English” (part 1 of 5).




#2. EnglishAnyone

This site, created December 2010, has nearly 300 videos. Based out of Chicago, he has over 200,000 subscribers with over 17 million views. Click here for a video sample, “Body Part Idioms.” Idioms are expressions whose meaning is not predictable from the usual meaning like “I’m all ears” or “put your feet up.”

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