Accent Reduction Clients

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Most of the time, individuals are not interested in “losing” their accent because it is part of their identity. But they do want to be clear and effective to listeners who are not from their home country.

Cindy’s accent reduction clients have come from the continents of Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South America as well as from various regions of the U.S.

An accent is actually very charming and attractive to listeners if it is easily understood!  Your accent can be an asset, setting you pleasantly and uniquely apart from others.


Accent Reduction Clients Speak!

Before and After Audio*

Chinese Accent: Designer of custom power supplies at large international company:
“This is very important for my career development.”

Indian Accent: Engineer/supervisor at medical device company:
“I lead many projects, give presentations, deal with surgeons and feel more confident.”

Spanish Accent: Nurse in hospital setting:
“Doctors and patients understand me much better, this is important in tense situations.”

Nigerian Accent: Support personnel:
“I work at an information desk and have to direct people, this is helping me on the job. I’m also in school and this will help me get ahead.”

Russian Accent: University professor:
“I’m happy people don’t ask me to repeat myself.”

*Courtesy of Compton PESL


  • It is frustrating to be treated differently than others.”
  • “Some people don’t think I’m as educated as I am.”
  • “I don’t like that look I get sometimes, people nod, smile and pretend to understand me when it’s clear that they don’t.”
  • “My grammar and vocabulary are fine, but sometimes people don’t understand the little words I say.”

The Good News

This Accent Reduction Program incorporates the Compton Pronouncing English as a Second Language as well as strategies honed by an experienced speech pathologist. The program is research-based and promises accent reduction clients at least a 50% improvement on pre- and post-class assessments (provided one follows through with home practice, of course). On average, clients have achieved a 70% improvement with Cindy’s classes.

Comments after Classes

  • “I feel so much more confident.”
  • “People rarely ask me to repeat myself now.”
  • “It’s much easier to participate in meetings.”
  • “When I give a presentation now, I connect with my audience better.”
  • “I left a 5 minute message containing a doctor’s orders without a problem.”

Benefits for Individuals

  • Enhance your communication without compromising your unique accent
  • Professional assessment and training by an accredited speech pathologist
  • Enhance your opportunities for career advancement
  • Feel confident communicating professionally, socially and over the phone

Benefits for Employers*

  • Evidence-based instructional design that results in at least 50% improvement with client practice
  • Flexible delivery available in local or remote classes for either individuals or groups
  • Improved customer service and productivity
  • More effective telecommunications, online meetings, sales calls and presentations
  • Support for on-the-job safety

*Frequently, employers will pay all or part of the classes because of the benefits to them.