Accent Reduction Classes

img-1 Local Classes

Local accent reduction classes are offered in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Classes usually occur once a week for one hour. There are typically 12 classes for people who need work on 10 or more sounds, and 7 classes for persons with fewer targets. Classes are held either privately or in small groups of 2 to 5 individuals. Call or email Cindy today to find out more about accent reduction classes.

An initial evaluation meeting is completed either on-line or in person.  You are recorded saying words, sentences, reading a passage aloud, and then engaging in a few minutes of spontaneous speech.

Your speech coach then analyzes every sound you’ve produced. Then she develops an individualized class plan. This plan targets and prioritizes the sounds you need to focus on in order to be more easily understood. Issues including voice projection, clear phone communication, and presentation skills are also addressed.

Accent Reduction ClassesOnline Classes

Accent reduction classes can also be taken online anywhere around the world. For example, US cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle or Chicago; or, international cities like London, Paris, Beijing, Hong Kong, or Singapore. Classes are carried out on a private basis by phone, Skype or other new technologies. Remote classes are the same length and duration as local classes.

Online Accent reduction classes are perfect for businesses that have a high percentage of non-native American staff interacting with American clients. For example, help desk communication can be frustrating for client as well as staff when an unclear accent is a problem. Medical jobs can also be frustrating and frequently lead to dangerous situations with unclear communication.

Other Options

Intensive workshops are offered one full day or two half days. They are followed up by four private sessions in person, by phone or Skype.

Additional customized class options are available on request.