Post-Class Comments:

  • “I feel so much more confident.”
  • “People rarely ask me to repeat myself now.”
  • “It’s much easier to participate in meetings.”
  • “When I give a presentation now, I connect with my audience better.”
  • “I left a 5 minute message containing a doctor’s orders without a problem.”


It has been a wonderful experience in learning and improving my English accent with My coach, Cindy Landis, was wonderful. She was a passionate, patient and kind teacher that I needed for this kind of class. She customized practice lessons per my needs. It was such an effective and efficient way for me to learn and improve my accent. I really appreciated her coaching method in addition to her kindness, empathy and flexibility. When you have a one-on-one with a customized lesson plan just for your needs, you will learn so much better and quicker. It was a good investment and money well spent for myself. I highly recommend Cindy Landis or anyone looking to improve his/her accent.
Dechen Behlen
Benefits Planner



If you need training in Accent Modification, Cindy is the perfect coach for you. Cindy can detect the weakest sounds and give you techniques to help you convey your message by pronouncing your sounds more clearly —without losing your flair. I will be forever grateful for her guidance.
Lumary Ortiz
Senior Marketing Specialist

Bright Health


My name is Magali, I am French. After a couple of months living in the US, I felt The need for a speech therapist to work on what we call “accent reduction”. A friend of mine gave me to Cindy Landis phone number. It was the best ever advice I’ve received. Cindy, as a professional, didn’t try to erase my French accent. She gave me keys to improve and find my American accent! This is not just working on words and sounds. But, understanding more about the language and it’s link with your mother tongue as well.

Now looking backwards, I realize how much information I was missing before the set of seven classes. Each session was dedicated to a couple of sounds. Either improving mouth-teeth-jaw movements to get the best sound, or reading sentences to get a great, natural American rhythm. It’s just like repetitive fitness exercises to get the result!

Time to time, I’d also work on specific material like my resume or my “elevator speech” to focus on relevant words for my job. Cindy’s advice and cheering on were really helpful for me to gain confidence, especially when facing big professional challenges!

On top of that, I had the pleasure to work with a nice, smart person. She is really active in her field, cares about her students and their capacity to achieve results. So, if like me, you came to the US or are about to move here and you need support…go for it! This will make you feel more confident and more efficient in your work and every day life.

One more thing, I MISS our class, it was GREAT!
Magali Robert-Zebroski
Fundraiser & Philanthropic Advisor



Cindy gave me the tools to improve my accent substantially. She skillfully detected the area I needed to improve on, and crafted focused yet enjoyable and easy to follow exercises. I can now clearly speak words with vowels, differentiate between P and B and no longer role the R. I definitely recommend Cindy for help with accent and speech improvement.
Bassam Hamdan
Lead Technology Specialist, Solutions Architect, Virtualization Technology
Reuters Corporation



What I really appreciate about Cindy‘s approach is that it’s not intended to get rid of accents. Rather, she acknowledges that an accent is part of everyone’s individuality; and she embraces that uniqueness and cultural richness. Her goal is to help individuals improve their ability to be understood by others.

This program has a positive impact on many different levels of our organization. Participants improve their ability to be understood but also gain self-awareness, confidence and self-esteem. As an organization we benefited from improved communication, in particular communication that’s critical for positive clinical outcomes for our patients.
Nicole Mattson, HSE, LNHA, SPHR
Director of HR & Business Operations
Good Samaritan Society, University Specialty Center


Newspaper (Star Tribune article)

“It’s a safety issue,” Cindy Landis said, noting how precise nurses and doctors have to be exchanging prescription information, for instance. Landis said non-native born employees can be overlooked for promotions and advancements because of pronunciation difficulties. “These are hugely qualified people who bring great skills with them.” Students who are diligent with the homework can improve their intelligibility by at least 50 to 60%, Landis said.
David Phelps
2006 Star Tribune